2017 Conference – The Nameless Arte (Traditional aspects of witchcraft in Britain)

This will be an interesting conference for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the aspects of Traditional Witchcraft in England throughout the ages and is a must for all those who practice the craft.





1st Wednesday every month Meditation & Healing Gathering

7.30-9.30 £7 pp includes refreshments All welcome.

Balmoral Centre,
Salisbury Ave,
Westcliff On Sea,
Essex, SS1 7AU

3rd Wednesday every month TAG truth awareness group

7.30pm -10.30pm £7 pp includes refreshment beak All Welcome.

Balmoral Centre
Salisbury Ave
Westcliff On Sea
Essex SS1 7AU

4th Tuesday every month Natural Health & Well Being Group

7.30pm -9.30pm £7 pp includes refreshments All Welcome.

Balmoral Centre
Salisbury Ave
Westcliff On Sea
Essex SS1 7AU

For more information on all the above contact
Sandra Wiseman on – 07804138585.

You can contact us via the thetarottable.co.uk website by clicking here.

Southend UFO Group

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2015 Conference
15th Nov 2015

Our 3rd Year
The countdown has already ended!
Sunday, 15th November 2015
From 10:00am to 7:30pm
Balmoral Centre,
Salisbury Ave,
For further info call: Sandra Wiseman 07804 138585/ 01702 523951


Gary Heseltine – Latest News on Ufology

“My lecture will be about UFO Awareness and the Media. Given the title above I will examine UFO Awareness as reported by the mainstream media and from within the UFO community.”

Andrew Collins – Ancient Egypt and the Underground Tunnels

Andy Thomas – History of Conspiracy Theories

Andy Thomas will be talking about the history of conspiracy theories. He is also the host for the day.

Larry Warren, Author of “Left at East Gate”

In 1980, U.S. Air Force Security Officer Larry Warren and several other officers witnesed an inexplicable series of events in the woods around England’s rural Suffolk County. But their superiors silenced Warren and his peers with grave threats. Warren’s subsequent investigation revealed the nature of the American and British militaries’ cover-up of the incidents.

Todd Acamesis

Todd’s talk will be on Out-of-body-experiences and astral travels to various dimensions and realms.

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