Clive de Carle

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Clive de Carle is a health and longevity researcher and educator whose talks explain the remarkable breakthroughs that can offer you Amazing Health. Health and how to have it, restore it and keep it. Our bodies do not go wrong, they simply adapt to circumstances brought about through stresses, poor diet, toxins and so forth. When health is lost we …

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Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton

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“I am an international speaker, author and film maker and multidimensional consultant. I am a former medical GP and bio-energy therapist. I have authored two books Punk Science and The Genius Groove and have a third on the go, The Magdalene Prophecies. “I am about to release Punk Science the movie and Masterclass so watch this space! “My talk will …

topsADMINDr Manjir Samanta-Laughton

Marcus Allen – Nexus Magazine

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Marcus’ talk will be on NASA’s cover ups and the fake moon landings. Marcus: “When I was 19 I was interviewed for a job at the 3Ms company in Birmingham. It was a routine interview for a routine job; until the last question. The interviewer said, “I have just one more question. Take your time, think about it, don’t rush: …

topsADMINMarcus Allen – Nexus Magazine

Roger Hayes – The Lawful Bank

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Roger Hayes describes how the English Courts are now afraid of being confronted in court by the Lawful Rebellion movement which says the Judges are corrupt and are not following Common Law anymore. He also explains the workings of the Lawful Bank which will run parallel to the regular banks which are based upon debt. A whole new system based …

topsADMINRoger Hayes – The Lawful Bank
UFOs Lightquest Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins – UFOs / Interdimensional Energy

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Andrew will appear at this year’s TAG conference in August talking about the LightQuest concept – the idea that UFOs are interdimensional energy forms that use the medium of plasma, the fourth state of matter, to interact with this world. Andrew: “Hi, I am talking at this year’s Interdimensional Minds of Awareness Conference organised by the Truth Awareness Group (TAG) …

topsADMINAndrew Collins – UFOs / Interdimensional Energy