Andy Thomas – History of Conspiracy Theories

Ian 2015

Andy Thomas will be talking about the history of conspiracy theories. He is also the host for the day. ‘A CONSPIRACY HISTORY OF THE WORLD’ by Andy Thomas Why do people really believe in conspiracy theories, and why has all the establishment debunking failed to make them go away? Andy Thomas threads together the alternative recent history of humankind, …

IanAndy Thomas – History of Conspiracy Theories

Larry Warren

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Larry wrote the book “Left at East Gate” In 1980, U.S. Air Force Security Officer Larry Warren and several other officers witnesed an inexplicable series of events in the woods around England’s rural Suffolk County. But their superiors silenced Warren and his peers with grave threats. Warren’s subsequent investigation revealed the nature of the American and British militaries’ cover-up …

IanLarry Warren

Todd Acamesis

Ian 2015

Todd’s talk will be on Out-of-body-experiences and astral travels to various dimensions and realms.  

IanTodd Acamesis

Gary Heseltine – Latest News on Ufology

Ian 2015

Gary is from UFO magazine and will be providing all the latest info on UFOs. “My lecture will be about UFO Awareness and the Media.  Given the title above I will examine UFO Awareness as reported by the mainstream media and from within the UFO community.” ABOUT GARY I was born in 1960 in Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire. I served in …

IanGary Heseltine – Latest News on Ufology