Andy Thomas

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Andy presented a fascinating talk on crop circles at the conference in 2013.

Andy Thomas, author of the acclaimed The Truth Agenda, and Conspiracies, is one of the UK’s best-known authors and lecturers on unexplained mysteries and global cover-ups. He speaks extensively in Britain and abroad at both ‘alternative’ and mainstream events, and his books have been widely praised as the finest available overviews of their subjects.

For over twenty years, Andy has investigated many enduring enigmas, including crop circles, UFOs, ancient prophecies, and a multitude of classic conspiracy theories, always finding tantalising middle-ground to evoke animated discussion. He has appeared on many popular radio and TV shows including major UK spots on Richard and Judy, Esther, GMTV, The One Show and Sky TV’s hit series Pineapple Dance Studios (see Media for a full list). Andy also guested numerous times on Sky 200’s Edge Media TV, and has featured in programmes around the globe, as well as in the US theatrically-released documentary Crop Circles: Quest For Truth.

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