Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton

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“I am an international speaker, author and film maker and multidimensional consultant. I am a former medical GP and bio-energy therapist. I have authored two books Punk Science and The Genius Groove and have a third on the go, The Magdalene Prophecies.

“I am about to release Punk Science the movie and Masterclass so watch this space!

“My talk will be on: ‘Dimensions, explorations and science’. I will be presenting my latest research and perspectives on findings in cosmology and astrophysics. Come and say hello.”

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton is currently co-producing and presenting The Hidden Science show for The People’s Voice channel

All of our societal systems are undergoing tremendous upheaval as we transition from a mechanistic, disconnected way of life to a new world which places consciousness at the heart of the universe and is open to the multidimensions. The changes can be felt in all areas of life – from our economy to our educational systems to religion to healthcare to science. As we move from the old ideas to the new, our lives are starting to open up to a new reality.

Ever since I was young, I have had a deep urge for the truth – to see deeper and beyond the everyday reality. This led me first to study medicine as I wanted to know how I worked.

Then I had a mystical experience and my world changed forever. Suddenly new worlds opened up for me and I started living an amazing, exciting life in the multidimensions exploring different levels of consciousness whilst also keeping my feet firmly on the ground.

It irks me that most humans don’t know the truth about their world and themselves. I am on a mission to communicate the truth. The old world is dying and with it, ideas in many areas of society from education to science to religion. I am one of those who is helping to usher in the new.

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