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Marcus’ talk will be on NASA’s cover ups and the fake moon landings.

Marcus: “When I was 19 I was interviewed for a job at the 3Ms company in Birmingham. It was a routine interview for a routine job; until the last question. The interviewer said, “I have just one more question. Take your time, think about it, don’t rush: ‘What is the one thing that you have achieved in this lifetime are you most proud of having accomplished?’

“What a great question! But how could I really answer it? I just said something about finishing my A levels. But it really got to me that I could not give a satisfactory answer. So, a few months later I was sharing a Land Rover and driving to India where I spent a year teaching in Calcutta. I also visited Kashmir, Kathmandu and saw sunrise over Everest from the Sandakfu ridge near Darjeeling.

“I was starting to answer that question. 50 years later I am still working on it…

“What would your answer be?”

NEXUS Magazine today is the largest selling alternative news magazine in Australasia. We have offices in the UK, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Japan, Russia, Croatia, Romania, Poland, and the USA.

So what drives people to buy NEXUS? Are these people all latent “conspiracy theorists”, and, indeed is being a conspiracy theorist so bad? After all, nearly every best-selling action book or movie is based on a conspiracy of some form. In fact, as you well know, there are conspiracies everywhere, of all sizes, happening all the time – they are part of our social structure.

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