Roger Hayes – The Lawful Bank

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Roger Hayes describes how the English Courts are now afraid of being confronted in court by the Lawful Rebellion movement which says the Judges are corrupt and are not following Common Law anymore. He also explains the workings of the Lawful Bank which will run parallel to the regular banks which are based upon debt. A whole new system based on Common Law…Banks and the Courts.

Roger: “It is my contention that our present system of governance is not only NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE but it is irreparable and we need therefore to create a new system… a lot easier than many might think.

“The key to an alternative political system is an alternative monetary system… so we are creating precisely this – see the Lawful Bank ( Work in progress. Our target date for an alternative and independent system of governance is the 15th June 2015 – the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta”

Roger will be talking on all the above plus more.
Roger Hayes is Chairman at The British Constitution Group

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