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2014 Conference

The next conference is now booked Saturday 23rd August 2014 – please keep the day free as once again it promises to be great event

Advance tickets are available now for £35 plus £3 P+P. This offer is valid until 1st June, thereafter the price will be £40 (plus P+P) so book early !

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Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton

All of our societal systems are undergoing tremendous upheaval as we transition from a mechanistic, disconnected way of life to a new world which places consciousness at the heart of the universe and is open to the multidimensions. The changes can be felt in all areas of life – from our economy to our educational systems to religion to healthcare to science. As we move from the old ideas to the new, our lives are starting to open up to a new reality.



Andrew Collins

Andrew will appear at this year’s TAG conference in August talking about the LightQuest concept – the idea that UFOs are interdimensional energy forms that use the medium of plasma, the fourth state of matter, to interact with this world.



Roger Hayes

Roger Hayes describes how the English Courts are now afraid of being confronted in court by the Lawful Rebellion movement which says the Judges are corrupt and are not following Common Law anymore. He also explains the workings of the Lawful Bank which will run parallel to the regular banks which are based upon debt. A whole new system based on Common Law…Banks and the Courts.



Marcus Allen

NEXUS Magazine today is the largest selling alternative news magazine in Australasia. We have offices in the UK, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Japan, Russia, Croatia, Romania, Poland, and the USA.

So what drives people to buy NEXUS? Are these people all latent “conspiracy theorists”, and, indeed is being a conspiracy theorist so bad? After all, nearly every best-selling action book or movie is based on a conspiracy of some form. In fact, as you well know, there are conspiracies everywhere, of all sizes, happening all the time – they are part of our social structure.



Clive de Carle

Clive de Carle is a health and longevity researcher and educator whose talks explain the remarkable breakthroughs that can offer you Amazing Health.

His findings may surprise you and they will almost certainly extend your healthy lifespan.

Learn how people have been able to……

Slow down aging.

Reverse aging with a herbal extract. (Warning, its expensive but it’s happening right now)

Re-grow teeth instead of having fillings.

Decrease cancer risk SUBSTANTIALLY for less than £1 per week.

Shrink tumors without drugs.

Eliminate skin cancer with herbs.

End type 2 diabetes.

Lose weight easily.

Reduce wrinkles, scaring, stretch marks using frequency.

Stop getting colds and flu.

Make inorganic food ‘natural’ again by neutralizing the pesticides, herbicides and fungicides and other chemical toxins in fruits and vegetables.

Banish cholesterol with a vitamin, the cure was discovered in the 1960’s

End most mental illnesses with a vitamin

Stop a heart attack

Get to hospital when your heart has stopped while staying alive and breathing.

Revive people who have just ‘died’ of a heart attack

Avoid a heart attack

Eat raw food that’s actually warm without cooking it, thus preserving the essential enzymes

Grow organic fresh salads in a cupboard

Get maximum nutrition on a budget

Resolve health issues like MRSA, E Coli, H Pylori, candida, reflux, fibromyalgia, arthritis and many more issues with nutrition…………25 years ago the doctors told me that my arthritis was incurable and would get worse. By that time I had lost the capability to even lift a mug of tea, my joints looked like those of a 90 year old and I couldn’t see how it could get any worse. So to cure myself I started taking lots of very carefully chosen minerals and vitamins and altered my diet. It took some months but I cured myself 100% and remain cured.

Learn which vitamins and minerals actually work and which you may actually need. Note: Most people taking vitamins and minerals are unwittingly taking ones that will be ineffective for them.

Why did doctors tell us that salt was dangerous when the first thing they give you in the emergency room is saline?

Why don’t doctors study health as a subject at medical school?

Why do most eggs now contain 20 times more omega six than they did twenty years ago?

One hundred years ago many doctors knew iodine as an invaluable medicine. Why are the majority of it’s proven uses no longer taught in medical school?

Why were the diathermy devices removed from all the hospitals by the 1950‘s, even when they often worked better than the drugs and surgery that replaced them? Why have we not heard of diathermy?

Why is silver not used as the world’s primary natural safe antibiotic as it was for thousands of years?

Why was milk used successfully as a cure in the 19th century yet using the same milk cure today would be unsuccessful?

Why did the EU ban tens of thousands of herbal supplements from being sold, even the ones that have been successfully used for thousands of years in China and India?

Why are we being poisoned via our water supply by chlorine and sometimes fluoride and why is the deadly toxin mercury used in vaccines and the fillings given to our children?

Why have we not been using electric cars and charging them for free at night? How is it that no one told you?

Why did dentists not tell us that we could regrow our teeth instead of having fillings?

Why are we not aware that 95% of newly diagnosed cancer patients bodies have an acidic body PH rather than a healthy alkaline body PH? Does your doctor know what the initials PH even stand for and why it matters?

If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?

Clive’s talks and workshops provide the answers to these questions and many others.



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